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2018 Golf Tournament

We'd like to invite you to be part of Texas Husky Rescue's 8th Annual Golf Tournament sponsored by the Red Velvet Inn. This is a great opportunity for you to have fun and your business to gain great exposure all while helping a worthy cause. Stay tuned for the latest information (including a new golf course)! You don't want to miss this opportunity, so please consider supporting us by playing, sponsoring or donating.

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Why Adopt a Husky?

A husky would gladly run ou tthe door when anyone, friendly or not, comes in the house. They will rarely alert to a stranger.
Huskies do not shed much except twice a year when they bow their undercoat. A husky's undercoat insulates them from the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter. Huskies cannot be shaved because they would lose their insulation and get sun burned.

Our Biggest Sponsors and Donors


We LOVE the veterinarians who provide discounted services to our rescue. Without them we would not be able to save all of the huskies we do on donations alone.

400+ rescues
support in the Rally to Rescue network

Rally to Rescue

Purina "Pro Plan" provides TXHR with food, tents, financial support, and more!

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for nonprofits


Google provides tools, services (Google Apps), and financial support via grants

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Red Velvet
Bed and Breakfast in Navasota, Texas

Red Velvet Inn

A unique, pet-friendly bed & breakfast located in the heart of downtown Navasota, TX. A percentage of the room rates will be donated to TXHR.

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